Exotic BBW Moans As She Smothers Her Man

By big ladies lovin March 9th, 2010, under Facesitting BBWs

Tasha is one of those exotic BBW facesitters you would love to feel on top of your face. Her curvaceous body is fucking gorgeous and her humongous butt is made to be worshipped. Feast your eyes on Tasha as she takes off her sexy lingerie and then mounts her man’s face. Squeezing his face between her jiggling ass cheeks makes the guy squeal in sheer pleasire. She puts her full weight on his face and smothers back and forth. It must be heavanely feeling having a huge ass glued to your face and pussy juices flowing all over you!

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Blonde Amateur BBW Smothering Unsuspecting Guy

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Blonde amateur goddess, Tina, teases her lover by parading in front of him in some sweet red lace lingerie. The peeks of pale flesh you can see through it are tantalizing and hypnotising to say the least. She gets her hands on her new lover who is new to the world of bbw smothering and facesitting and breaks him right away. The unsuspecting guy finds himself completely surrounded by her butt cheeks. All he can see is her mammoth ass rubbing against his face! It must be a great feeling having Tina sitting on your face!

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Brunette BBW Sits And Smothers Some Lucky Fucker

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That guy must be having the best fucking time of his life! Having such a damn fine BBW goddess sitting on your face with her full weight is a dreams come true. You’ll be squealing like a little puppy as you watch her climbing on top of his face and spreading her ass cheeks so she can suck him into her ass crack. The fortunate guy is completely surrounded by her jiggling booty. The action is sizzling when she starts to rub and smothers his face back and forth, making him beg her for some fresh air!

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Curvy BBW Spreads Her Ass Cheeks And Sits On Her Lover

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BBW princess Danii is a girl who loves suffocating her lovers by sitting on their faces and smothering them with no mercy. She’ll take your breath away as you watch her taking off her clothes to reveal her killer curves and gigantic booty. Your hard on will be insane as she spreads her juicy ass cheeks wide apart and covers the guy’s faces entirely. She sits on his face, rubs her ginormous tits all over him and then sits on his face some more! The lucky fucker is completely surrounded by her and all he can do is to taste and smell her sweetness!

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Dominating BBW Covering Guys Face With Her Humongous Butt

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This gorgeous BBW nymph adores dominating men by sitting on their surprised faces and forcing them to inhale her sweet scent. Her ass is freaking huge and you are going to love the way it jiggles as she rub herself against the face of that lucky bastard. She gives him some hard time denying him air and the lucky fucker has his face burried deep in between her magnificient ass cheeks. He can’t help himself but to beg her to have mercy on him. A few seconds of fresh air and his face gets jammed up her ass crack once again!

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BBW Goddess Rides Mans Face To A Series Of Orgasms

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Chloe is one of those natural babes you’d love to have her rear end smothering your face. It’s a music to our ears watching her moan and squeal with pleasure as she warms up her pussy by rubbing it against that lucky fucker’s face and let him enjoy her pussy juices. She rides his face to a series of shattering orgasms ending in a big one that completely rocks her world. Let your fantasies cum true with this intense BBW smothering fest!

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Man Disappears In Between Her Huge Ass Cheeks

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Feast your eyes on this drop dead gorgeous BBW princess as she dominates her man and forces him to enjoy the closeup of her juic wet love tunnel and gaping ass. It’s a pleasure watching all those rolls of flesh jiggling as she smothers the lucky fucker and rubs her ass on her face. The guy squeals like a little puppy as he disappears in between her glorious ass cheeks! She lets him take some air before sitting on his face with her full weight and releasing her pussy juices all over him!

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Magnificient BBW Smothers The Lucky Guys Face

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Raven haired BBW goddess Angie enjoys rubbing her freaking huge ass all over her male sub’s face. You’ll definitely love to observe her magnificient ass cheeks jiggle and wave as she smothers and rubs herself against the face of that lucky fucker below her. You’ll get an instant hard on as you watch Angie pulling her thong off to the side and pressing her rear end against that dude’s face, then rubbing it back and forth, covering him in her juices and let him inhale the sweet scent of her snatch!

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